toverlandBergerhof recovery lies in the village of "Den Bergen", a very rural area, where you can talk to on the bike or on foot day. The forest is located opposite Bergerhof theme "Toverland " and a fish pond located. Courses are 2 km away ..

kl sevenumFor cyclists, there is the highly acclaimed knopen lopen. There is also the crossroads. From the campsite you can start multiple routes. Sevenum is the first village where knopen lopen is.

Also a tour of the "Groote Peel" and of course "Mariaveen" is definitely worth it.

Of the diversity of the landscape and the broad diversity of agricultural products that are grown here to be surprised. Fresh asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, peppers, cherries, apples, and many other products. Feel, taste, and smell the richness of our province of Limburg. You can use the "white gold" and the mushrooms frequent testing, but you can also enjoy a cup of coffee with the delicious Limburg vlaai.

Along the banks you will find picturesque villages with beautiful old villages and castles, think tank, or the roses Baarlo village Lottum.

Nearby are the villages of Maria Veen Griendtsveen and Helenaveen.

Limburg is also known for the many crosses and chapels.

For children, there are several attractions in the area, both internally and externally.

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